Friday, August 04, 2006

oodates stingi

sellist pilti näitas delfi:

ja öiseks lugemiseks üks vana hea, mida ma olen unustanud teiega jagada:

A Finn and a Swede were arguing which ones mother tongue sounds more beautiful.

Since they couldn't find any solution they asked help from an english linguistic, who asked both of them to translate the following poem by Percy Shelley into their own languages.

"Island, island, Grassy island, Grassy island's Bride."

It was the Finn's turn first. He translated:
"Saari, saari, Heinäsaari, Heinäsaaren Morsian."

Then the Swede translated:
"Ö, ö, Hö-ö, Hö-öns Mö."

ikka teie
hö-öns mö

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Anonymous said...

kule sa oled ju täidsa rase!